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Will Need for Speed be Annualized Again? Peter Moore Has the Answer

Need for Speed has been around for ages and after so many years, EA lost its touch so the series went stagnant. However, EA heard fan outcry and decided to take a break.

The company skipped 2014 and didn’t release a new Need for Speed installment. However, the series is getting a new game this year and the re-boot looks great so far. It seems we will be getting the Need for Speed experience we were asking for after all.

However, now that the series is back, will EA make it an annual affair again? Annual releases is what caused issues in the first place, so are we going to back to the same cycle?

The answer to that question was provided by Peter Moore. According to the COO, they are focused to making this game and they’ll wait and see how well the re-boot does; so he doesn’t yet know how things will go.

He also said annual franchises demand innovation and fresh ideas, they will have to see if they can offer enough creativity to their fans.

Well, in a racing game you can’t innovate much, can you? But there are always things you can improve upon and use new ways to present the game.

Do you think Need for Speed should be annualized once again?