Super Mario Maker Lets You Transform Mario into a Tall, Slender Figure

The upcoming Super Mario Maker on Nintendo Wii U allows you to transform the short, plump Mario into a tall, slender one.

Nintendo UK recently published a trailer, by the end of which Mario consumed an item called the Luigi Mushroom. The said item not only added 1,000 points, but also transformed Mario into a tall, lean version which might be a little creepy for some – you have been warned!

You can watch the whole thing yourself by checking out the video attached above! The transformation occurs near 02:48 mark. We have also attached a screenshot for your convenience.

Slender Mario

In related Super Mario Maker news, Nintendo recently announced three physical editions of the game alongside a couple of Amiibo variants as well as release dates for everything. To read up more, head over to the post!

Originally named Mario Maker, Super Mario Maker is scheduled to arrive exclusively for Nintendo Wii U in North America on Sept. 11, 2015.