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Star Citizen Developer Talks Windows 10 Support and VR Integration

In the latest episode – Episode #61 – of 10 for the Chairman, Chris Roberts of Star Citizen speaks about the jump to Windows 10, in-game banking, VR headsets, and more.

Roberts has ensured that the game will indeed support the new operating system – Windows 10 – but there are some issues which need to be sorted out first.

As for VR headsets, Roberts confirmed that although CryEngine natively supports VR, the developing team has modified the engine which makes it a little harder to work with VR headsets. However, the studio will indeed work on it in addition to Steam VR, but after sorting out some major stuff.

Coming to in-game banking, the system will work identical to real life and will not allow players to transfer large sums to each other so as to avoid scams and exploits. Moreover, players will be able to check their balance via their smartphone integration.

To find out more about the history of your spaceship, spoken interactions with NPCs in SQ42, and being hunters; check out the video attached.

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