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Patrick Bach: Star Wars Battlefront Is Not a Battlefield Re-Skin

Star Wars Battlefront’s development puts a lot of pressure on DICE, but they managed to handle it really well. The studio is known for its work on Battlefield games, and at the start many wondered if DICE would just re-skin Battlefield to turn in into Star Wars Battlefront.

DICE is better than this.

DICE GM Patric Bach says although it would have been easy for them to re-skin Battlefield, it wouldn’t have done justice to Star Wars. He says that both franchises are wildly different in terms of emotions they evoke and the inspiration behind these projects.

You could argue it would be easy for us to make a copy and paste version of something we already did and put a Star Wars skin on it, but then that wouldn’t be true to what Star Wars is. If you look at a game like Battlefield, it comes from a very different inspiration source, it’s a very different being – the emotion it evokes, what you’re trying to achieve, is something very very different.

Just putting Star Wars on top of that would not be the way to move forward. That was very clear to us from the very start, that this needed to be something of its own, something that at its core was different.

DICE has proven to be the right choice for the project but still, we should wait until the game is in our hands, before we form an opinion.

Anyways, Star Wars Battlefront hits shelves on November 17 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.