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Minecraft: Deep Sea Creation Lets You Explore Depths Underwater World

Minecraft players are always onto something; whether it is recreating an in-game world or an actual country, but rare have we come across a creation such as Deep Sea.

Deep Sea is an underwater world created BlockWorksYT; a team comprising of only 9 people in merely 6 days. The world feels alive, thriving, and truly remarkable – take a look at it in the attached video presentation:

Another amazing thing about the creation is that it is accompanied with a story which goes:

As Steve descended into the ocean depths, he found himself surrounded by an array of alien colors and shapes. There were creatures he never could have imaged, suited more to the realm of other space than that of the ocean.

Then, as he finally reached the sea bed, he discovered a vast complex nestled amongst the coral reefs. Enormous machines and contraptions appeared to be studying a variety of alien objects seemingly of their own accord while iridescent lifeforms swam around the strange rocks emitting a radiant glow.

The facility had been build around these forms, studying them in the hope of harnessing their power.

Who were the ones that built it and where had they gone…?

Speaking of the project, the creator said that much of the deep ocean still remains a mystery to us – despite all technological advances. These oceans might be hosting alien creatures, something what we imagine on outer space. You can also download and explore Deep Sea yourself or take a look at screenshots below.

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