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League of Legends App “Scout Ahead” is on Apple Watch Now

League of Legends is basically a PC game and to say that it would be on Apple Watch sounds absurd. However, one LoL utility app called Scout Ahead is letting you work your strategies in the game using the Apple Watch.

The app has been developed by Pixile Studios and was released yesterday for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch but whats more interesting is that it is compatible with the Apple Watch.

Using this app you can keep a track of you enemies and their past statistics and builds that are going to help you strategize well against them.

  • Quickly scout out your opponents’ rank, wins, losses, masteries and runes to identify threats and strategize.
  • Get deep info on your opponents and teammates with a single tap from sites like LoL King and
  • See champion builds and statistics from with a tap.
  • Stop waiting for websites to slowly load: pull up stats for your current games instantly in a beautiful layout.

So for example when you are to play a match of League of Legends you can check your Apple Watch and figure out which ones of the opponents is most likely to cause trouble for you and hence make the proper arrangements to take care of that player.

However, I am not sure how usable the Apple Watch compatibility of Scout Ahead is going to be for League of Legends players. Any comments?