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Horizon Zero Dawn Gets the Mother of All Concept Arts

PlayStation 4 exclusive Horizon Zero dawn is the latest endeavor of Guerrilla Games and they have been highly praised for it. If you don’t understand why, check out this newly released concept art for the game.

Unlike most of the projects that tend to share tons of screenshots and concept art to make a point, these guys have simply shared one image and in all honestly it is the mother of all concept arts.

As you can see in the attached image above, the developers are showing us a scene from a jungle during night when the animal like robots are scattered around. It appears that they are searching for something or someone using some razor sharp beams perched atop their heads.

There are two of these robots shown in the image both of which seem to have been inspired by dinosaurs. The big one in the back looks a lot like the Giraffatitan while the smaller ones with search lights resemble the Eoraptors.

The forest itself looks pretty surreal with what looks like moonlight pouring down from above.

In parallel news Guerrilla Games recently discussed the progression system, combat and open world elements of Horizon Zero Dawn; before that, they had shed some light on the game’s weapons among other things.

Horizon Zero Dawn is a PlayStation 4 exclusive that will come out in 2016.