GTA 5 Gets Skills Tree, Progression & More with GTA RPG Mod!

Okay so GTA Online does have some roleplaying elements but lets be honest, they are not as deep rooted as an RPG fan would want. So the GTA RPG Mod aims to fix that by adding core elements to GTA 5 that would turn it into a complete roleplaying game.

The modder is pretty ambitious and so far he has tried to add things like skill trees, inventory and menus to give it some of the basics of a good RPG.

Other than that, the GTA 5 mod brings you character creation with classes and specializations; then there are XP points that help you level up your character.

Dialogue is also important in GTA RPG as they are in good RPG titles.

Check out the video above and tell us whether you like this GTA 5 mod or not.