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For Honor Sounds to have had a Tough Planning Stage for Ubisoft

When For Honor was demonstrated at E3, perhaps the most impressive thing about it was the man who introduced it, Jason Vandenberghe Ubisoft’s Creative Director for the game. In the latest copy of Edge he revealed how hard it was to convince Ubisoft to put his plans for the game into action.

Saying that he had to show them over 400 prototypes to Ubisoft, while this is an impressive amount, it is also slightly worrying too. This means that the company weren’t exactly sold on a game where Knights, Vikings and Samurai do bloody battle against each other.

What we have to remember though is what prototypes are in the development process. They present a basic interpretation of how the system will work and what is the final aim of it. In the context of games this will be what the game will provide to the gamers. These could be even as simple as a storyboard of how the battles are planned to take place. If Ubisoft reject an idea presented by Vandenberghe, he would simply go away and alter his ideas based on feedback recieved.

When thinking about it in this context, then it comes as no surprise that the number of prototypes would quickly grow. Especially with a game that can seem light on actual story based content when the focus is on being a multiplayer battle sim based on brutality.

Vandenberghe also says he kept the entire collection of demos and prototypes that he created, which he must be proud of. Hopefully when the game is released it’ll be in a form that fits his vision and that the gamers will enjoy it as much as he obviously hopes they will.

If anything, creating so many prototypes for the game shows that plenty of planning is going into creating something gamers will enjoy and should be inventive. This is something Ubisoft obviously need when some of their bigger releases haven’t fared so well in recent past.

Are you looking forward to For Honor? Let us know your thoughts below.