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Fergal Gara, the PlayStation UK Boss Has Resigned!

When one of the key personnel leave their posts at a company like Sony it could mean a lot of things; let’s see what it means for PlayStation UK since Fergal Gara, who led the segment for four years has resigned!

We didn’t find anything alarming in what Gara has officially stated on the topic of his departure though, and that suggests he left probably for exactly what he said i.e. pursuance of a new venture:

I am very grateful for having had this opportunity and I want to thank my team who have been amazing and, of course, [SCEE President] Jim [Ryan], for his support along with the wider PlayStation family who have helped make this period as successful as it has been. I wish Warwick every success as he takes on the UK and Ireland business at this exciting stage.

Jim Ryan, the president of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has also praised Fergal Gara for his talent and contributions, bidding him a warm farewell:

Fergal is an extremely talented leader, and in his four years managing the UK business has significantly strengthened the brand and made countless contributions to our success. We are extremely grateful for his dedication and for the legacy that he leaves.

There doesn’t appear to be anything you should be worried about, executives leave big companies all the time and get replaced by others who take up the job, it is the company itself that matters.

PlayStation UK will be led by the SCEE GM for Nordics, East & South East Europe, Warwick Light starting August 10.