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ESWC to Hold Women League of Legends Tournament at Paris Game Week

Often when it comes to the online gaming community it is viewed as male dominated and has come across as not being welcoming to female players. This is something that is being fought against, especially in the world of ESports.

This is why ESWC have announced that there will be a women’s international League of Legends tournament at the next ESWC event, which will be hosted during Paris Game Week. The event will:

  • Take place between Wednesday October 28 – Thursday October 29.
  • PCs will be supplied for the event.
  • The Grand Final will be on the ESWC main stage on October 30 in the morning.
  • The prize pool will be $25,000.

On the information released for the tournament the point was made though that the events are already gender mixed:

“We would like to point out that all ESWC events are gender mixed on principle, as are the LCS, Worlds and other major LoL tournaments. ESWC campaigns for gender-mixed eSports. However, given that no woman plays for competing teams in these tournaments and leagues, we feel it is important for female players to be given an opportunity.”

This is the importance of a tournament like this. It is not the case of segregating the sexes into different tournaments, rather an attempt to gain interest from female players to take part in more tournaments and become part of the competing teams.

Another thing stated is this statistic:

“It appears that out of 70 million League of Legends players, about 10% are women, resulting in 7 million female players.”

7 million players is a number that cannot be ignored, and will hopefully grow in the future, as will the popularity of games like League of Legends.

What are your thoughts on the announcement of this tournament? Let us know below.