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Divinity Original Sin Releasing on Oct 27 to PS4, Xbox One?

Fans who have played Larian Studios’ roleplaying title Divinity Original Sin on PC should be interested in finding out that the game might be released to consoles by the end of October.

The news came out through an unofficial but usually reliable source i.e. Amazon. The French variant of the online retailer’s website has listed the game for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and interestingly ascribed an October 27, 2015 release date for both the consoles.

Divinity Original Sin was initially released to Windows and OS X on June 30, 2014 but later an Enhanced Edition was announced for the consoles as well as PC platforms in May this year.

The developers have promised additional content including new gameplay elements and story when the game hits the racks.

Focus Home Interactive, the publisher behind Cities XXL and The Technomancer among countless other titles will be publishing the game for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

While the Amazon France listing for Divinity Original Sin cannot be regarded as a final confirmation it is often the case that game release dates mentioned by retailer listings actually turn out to be true.

Moreover, October 27, 2015 is a Tuesday which is the conventional release day for videogames every week. Seeing all that, I am pretty much confident that the release date is legitimate.

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