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Destiny The Taken King Strike Boss is “Darkblade,” New Details Revealed

Destiny’s upcoming The Taken King expansion is aboard the hype train, gathering passengers from stop-to-stop. And strangely, I who never really liked Destiny, am actually excited to jump back in and give Destiny another try; once The Taken King rolls-out.

We know that The Taken King will bring the largest armory to date. However, exactly who will face the wrath of that armory? Who is about get his a** handed to him by the Guardians?

Well, Bungie has shared details regarding a Strike Boss, named Darkblade. This guy looks like a Knight on steroids and he will be using a massive axe, that is almost the size of the Darkblade himself.


Bungie wrote in a post on their official blog:

The Darkblade along with many other Hive abominations are waiting for you on board the Dreadnaught. Oryx has built an army for them to lead, bristling with combatants that were taken from our world, twisted by the Darkness, and sent back to prevent you from looting their fortress.


Darkblade has a touch of red and blue in his design and he looks like a pretty badass character. Will he prove to be a formidable foe? Sure looks like it.

You will have to find Darkblade on Oryx’s flagship, called Dreadnaught.

Destiny The Taken King is coming out on September 15 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.