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Call of Duty and Mass Effect Could Boost Your Sexual Drive, Says Research

Every so often, we hear about a report into people who play video games. Seeming to focus on the violence in games and what affect it has on the players, one such example has provided an interesting result.

People like violent games, we already know this. What we may not have known though is that the people who like these violent games tend to find they their sexual drive is raised from playing such games. Perhaps what is more surprising for some though is that this is the case for both male and female gamers, with little difference between the two.

The study also found that the games that caused this (or two examples at least) were Mass Effect and Call of Duty. As these are two very popular games, really this comes as no surprise. Especially Call of Duty as it is one of the most popular multiplayer first person shooters, and always seems a focus for research.

Michael Kasumovic and Tom Denson, two of the writers of the report also go on to claim that women tend to have raised self-esteem from these games because of the way they are able to show their greater skill than male players have. They further state this makes the female players feel sexier and more attractive. I’m not sure if all female players will agree with that statement.

When it comes to the male players, they are attracted to these games because of the competitive aspect of the multiplayer experience and have a desire to be seen as the best. This makes them somewhat of the “dominant male” which leads to the higher sexual drive.

What we have to remember though is that this is just one report on gamers, and works as an opinion based on statistics collected based on a controlled group of gamers chosen to take part in the research. Whether this works in a real world scenario is something up for debate.

Do you think these findings are true? Let us know your thoughts below.