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ARK Survival Evolved: Survival of the Fittest Mode Gets Screenshot

About a week ago, the developers of ARK Survival Evolved revealed their plans to introduce a new tournament mode in the game dubbed as Survival of the Fittest Mode; now we have the first screenshot of the mode at hand.

However, during all this time they have made sure not to let lose any more details on the said mode leading everyone to a Twitch live stream that is to be held at 12PM PDT on August 1, 2015 i.e. tomorrow.

So while you wait for the Twitch live stream to show you how the ARK Survival Evolved Tournament Mode aka Survival of the Fittest Mode works, check out this image that has come out from the developers.

The screenshot shows what appears to be a starting point of the said tournament; but more than that we cannot be certain of anything.

That being said, if you are wondering what the new mode is going to work like, think of it as a Hunger Games set up inside ARK Survival Evolved.

Studio Wildcard says that the mode has been designed specifically to suit competitions. In there you are put in the middle of a forest with a pile of supplies lying in the center. Just like Hunger Games you can either run away from the pile to hide and strategize or you can stay and fight for the supplies.

I am all in for the Survival of The Fittest Mode in ARK Survival Evolved, are you?