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Scalebound Director Pissed at “Shits at Microsoft,” That Are Messing with him

We know that Scalebound developers told you not to expect the game to go all hardcore on you, but we also know that the title is Hideki Kamiya’s dream realized; but despite being such a good project what’s up between Kamiya and Microsoft?

The official Twitter profile of the game director is followed by many and so it is a tough chance that anything he tweets would be missed by the public.

Recently, Kamiya was pissed at Microsoft and blurted out his frustration in a tweet. While the original post has been deleted and was in Japanese, we are relying on a screenshot and the English translation that reads “those shits at MS… are they fucking with me…?”

Obviously you wouldn’t be able to guess what went wrong from that, but the game director of Scalebound went on to elaborate a little further in another tweet:

If I were to go to Gamescom, I want to go for users, not as a prop of Xbox Briefing.

So basically it sounds like he didn’t condone the way he was being treated by Microsoft in relation to Gamescom 2015, but that is not all, he is also pissed at Microsoft’s marketing.

This he revealed in another set of tweets where he added “see the main art of Scalebound at their site. It’s aweful,” and “junk.”

Scalebound Director Tweets 2

Scalebound Director Tweets

Kamiya is known for being a little foul mouthed in the past too and he didn’t disappoint this time either. For example when a Scalebound fan posed a genuine question about how this will affect the game, here’s how he responded: