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Nintendo Boasts 14.7 Million Amiibo Figurine Sales, 4.2M in Last Quarter

We all know how popular the Nintendo Amiibo figurines have been ever since they were launched. However, giving a testimony to that, Nintendo has revealed that more than 14.7 million statues have been sold since day one!

This was revealed through the latest financials published by the company pertaining to their performance in the last financial period.

While Nintendo surprised everyone by booking an operating profile of around 1.15 billion yen as compared to an expected loss of 6.27 billion yen, it was agreed that the unexpected figures were partly due to a dip in the value of Japanese Yen.

However, there is no way you can think down upon 14.7 million Amiibo figures being sold by the company since June 10, 2014. That is more than a million every month since they were introduced.

More over, Nintendo revealed that in the last quarter alone they have managed to sell 4.2 million figures many of which we can thank Spaltoon for.

As Nintendo tries to boost the sales of Wii U through Amiibo, we can see that at least some difference has been experienced in the sales of the console. For instance, a total of 420,000 units were sold in the last quarter although the company is aiming higher – at about 3.4 million units – for the whole year.

Whether Nintendo has enough juice to bounce back on its own or not is a question that their partnership with DeNA answered, so I think it won’t be before their mobile games come out that we will see the company jumping up in the race while will eventually find their new contender in Nintendo NX.