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NBA 2K16 Advanced Gamepad Controls Revealed

If you were looking for an early glance at the controls for NBA 2K16 you may be in luck. It appears that the Microsoft SmartGlass app may have inadvertently revealed the basic and advanced gamepad controls for the game.

As revealed by the image below shows the control scheme for the Xbox One version of the game:


Basic Offense:

  • Left Stick: Move Player
  • Pro Stick(Right Stick): Dribble Moves/Shooting/Passing
  • L2/LT: Post Up
  • R2/RT: Sprint.
  • L2/LB: Call Play (tap)/ Pick Control (hold)
  • R1/RB: Icon Pass
  • X/A: Pass/Touch Pass
  • Circle/B: Bounce Pass (tap)/Flashy Pass (double tap)
  • Square/X: Shoot (tap for Pump Fake/Hop, double tap for Spin Gather)
  • Triangle/Y: Lob Pass (tap)/Alley-Oop (double tap)
  • Up on D-Pad: 2K Smart Play
  • Right on D-Pad: Points Of Emphasis
  • Left on D-Pad: Quick Plays/ Offensive Strategies

Basic Defense:

  • X/A: Player Swap (closest to ball)
  • Circle/B: Take Charge
  • Square/X: Steal
  • Triangle/Y: Block/Rebound
  • Right on D-Pad: Points of Emphasis
  • Left on D-Pad: Defensive Sets
  • Down on D-Pad: Substitutions


  • Jump Shot: Move and hold the shot stick in any direction (toward hoop for bank shot)
  • Stepback Jumper: Move and hold the shot stick away from hoop
  • Hop Gather: Press Square/X while driving (left stick determines direction of hop)
  • Spin Gather: Double tap Square/X while standing or driving


  • Crossover: Move the right stick toward off hand, then quickly release
  • Between Legs Cross: Move the right stick between off hand and player’s back, then quickly release
  • Behind Back: Move the right stick away from hoop, then quickly release
  • Stepback: R2/RT + Move the right stick away from hoop, then quickly release
  • Signature Size-ups: R2/RT + Move the right stick in any direction then quickly release


  • Pass: X/A (left stick selects recipient)
  • Bounce Pass: Circle/B (left stick selects recipient)
  • Overhead/Lob Pass: Triangle/Y (left stick selects recipient)
  • Flashy Pass: Double tap Circle/B (left stick selects recipient)

Above are the basic controls, to view the rest be sure to visit the for the full list.

Are there any major changes to the control scheme that have caught your interest? Let us know below.