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Advanced Warfare Reckoning to be Available to Xbox One Preview Program but with Restrictions

Today we have some good news, and bad news for fans of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. People who are part of the Xbox One Preview Program on Xbox One will get access to the Reckoning DLC early, but with restrictions.

When a question was raised on the Activision Support page about what Preview Program people would have access to, a reply clarified just what would be available:

“No. Even though the Reckoning DLC Pack will be available to download from the Xbox Live store prior to its release, access to the entire DLC pack will be limited until it is officially released on Tuesday, August 4th.

The four new Reckoning DLC maps will not be accessible for online multiplayer. However, these new maps can be played in local multiplayer mode.

Attempting to access Exo Zombies Part 4: Descent will cause the game to crash. The latest Exo Zombies chapter requires a title update that will be released in conjunction with the Reckoning DLC Pack on August 4th.

Be sure to download the title update on August 4th to gain access to all of the Reckoning DLC content.”

It comes as no surprise really that the multiplayer maps would be restricted to local multiplayer, especially as they would want to restrict just who would have access to them. The news about Descent may disappoint those wanting to get access to that part of the game early though.

As this element has a more story-driven style to it, the main game itself will have to be updated to accommodate the changes needed. These obviously won’t be ready for the beta testing phase of the release, and will in fact cause the game to crash.

Are you disappointed by there being no access to Descent? Let us know your thoughts below.