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Zeratul Faces a Temporary Ban during Heroes of the Storm EU Qualifiers

Owning to a huge speed exploit, Zeratul has been banned from competitive Heroes of the Storm tournament. The exploit can be seen in the footage attached below:

As seen in the video, the exploit allows Zeratul to move about at a much faster speed than normal using the Shadow Assault ability. Players need to change targets during the forward charge in order to gain a speed boost.

However, do note that the ban is only a temporary one for the day of the EU Qualifiers.

Speaking to Kotaku; a Blizzard representative confirmed that the ban will only last for a day as the studio plans to release a hotfix which will fix the issue – Zeratul should be available in other Heroes of the Storm eSports tournaments:

We did identify an issue that allowed Zeratul to travel much farther than intended while using Shadow Assault, which will be hotfixed today. Due to this, Zeratul was only banned from today’s EU Qualifiers event, but will not be banned from other eSports tournaments.

Heroes of the Storm competitive scene is turning out to be good and is good to see active support from the developer side to balance the game as much as possible!

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