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Star Wars Battlefront Will Get a New Hero Type, Multiplayer Mode and More At Gamescom

If seeing Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader wasn’t enough for you, DICE will soon share a new Hero Type. The company will also throw-in a new gameplay video and multiplayer mode to the mix.

The news was shared with us over at the official EA Star Wars website, where Community Manager Mathew Everett teased their plans for Gamescom.

Soon, we will be revealing more multiplayer modes along with brand-new gameplay footage and even a new hero type…nope, that wasn’t a typo. Headed to Gamescom? If so, you will be among the first gamers to go hands on with a new and unique game mode I know fans of Starfighters are going to be excited about.

His post didn’t reveal anything else about the new mode or hero type, so we will have to keep guessing till Gamescom, which kicks-off on August 5.

On a related note, yesterday we came to know that Star Wars Battlefront developers followed a set of rules and guidelines for the development, provided by Disney.

It wasn’t mentioned what those guidelines were, but Disney wanted to make sure Star Wars fans don’t feel alienated while playing Battlefront.

You can read what EA Studios Vice President had to say on the matter here.