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Pre-Order Destiny: The Taken King For Suros Arsenal Pack and More

We have some news for Destiny players who are thinking of getting The Taken King, and are considering a pre-order. Those who pre-order The Taken King will get exclusive bonus content.

The content will include Suros Arsenal Pack, that features auto-rifle, scout rifle, pulse rifle, emblem and shader. The content is timed-exclusive to pre-order customers, but other players will be able get the content as well after January 1,2016.

Additionally, pre-order customers will also get the Vanguard Pack, that comes with a pulse rifle, auto-rifle and sidearm. Destiny: The Taken King is more than just an expansion, it comes with new campaign, new locations, weapons and much more.

Since it is more than just an expansion, it is priced that way as well. The Taken: King Legendary Edition is priced at $60, while a different edition comes in at $40.

Will it be able to justify the price with its content? Hope so, the base game failed to do that though. Will you be picking-up The Taken King?