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Four New Hearthstone Cards Added to the Grand Tournament

The Grand Tournament is on its way to Hearthstone and Blizzard have teased fans with the reveal of four new cards. Will these new cards be the new powerful weapons that will give players an edge in the new expansion?

As pointed out here these images are revealed in a combination of tweets by Blizzard and a reveal by IGN. These are Legendary cards and are powerful tools to take into battle. The first two on show are Fjola Lightbane and Eydis Darkbane the twin Val’kyr.

Light and Darkbane

These two cards are interesting because they work off being targeted before releasing their potential. They also work well with a Priest, but can be challenging cards to find a room for.

The next two reveals are Savage Combatant and Clockwork Knight. While the beast card intensifies the players attack, Clockwork Knight is more an a support card for Mech decks. Described as a slow card we’ll get to know more about him closer to the release of The Grand Tournament.

hearthstone Cards

More cards for Hearthstone are yet to be revealed, and I’m sure fans of the game are looking forward to these reveals so they know what’s to come.

It’s obvious that The Grand Tournament is going to be a special expansion, and Blizzard will hope that it is going to be popular. Maybe we’ll have plenty of details about these cards and new ones at Gamescom 2015, I’m sure fans will be expecting some to come.

Are you a fan of Hearthstone? What are your thoughts on the Grand Tournament? Let us know your thoughts below.