Dragon Ball Xenoverse Online Services are Not Shutting Down

If you received a message on Dragon Ball Xenoverse yesterday informing you that the online service is going to be shut down, then don’t worry this was a false alarm. Bandai Namco have made it clear that this is not the case:

This should help ease many fans worries, as the online service has proven to be very popular with them. With the game only being realised in February this termination of the online features would have been a very odd move and would alienate a lot of fans who put their time into the game. The actual message shown to users can be seen below:

As you can see it is no surprise that some users saw this as a total shutdown of the online service. If anything, this was probably a badly worded error message and thankfully not an official termination of online functionality.

I’m sure whoever is writing the error messages for Dragon Ball Xenoverse will in the future double check what messages they decide to deliver to the players of the game. Then Bandai Namco won’t have to deal with the fallout as they get inundated with requests for more information as to why part of the game is being shutdown.

What are your thoughts on the error message? Let us know your thoughts below.