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Black Desert Western Release May be Getting Closer

We may have some good news for fans of the Korean MMORPG Black Desert. It looks like the much anticipated western release of the game could now be getting closer.

While many were worrying that this may not happen, and were looking to potential VPN access and English patches as a way to play the game, all may not be lost. Daum Games are opening an office in Amsterdam, which should hopefully be a sign that this will be their base of operations when it comes to a western release of the game.

Hopefully this will lead to a possible Beta launch in 2015, with a full release being possible in 2016. This is speculation of course as we’ll have to wait for an official announcement as to what progress has been made on this translation.

I’m sure the Daum will be eager to let fans know what their release plans are so that the gaming community will see some progress made. The best way to keep their attention is to give them an idea of a release date for the game.

Black Desert is a large-scale sandbox MMORPG featuring strategy-orientated castle attacks and has a focus on trade, NPC-hiring and real-estate management. Released in Korea by developer Pearl Abyss it has a growing western fan base who eagerly await being able to play the game.

With the new office opening in Amsterdam and development seemingly now making more progress it looks like fans are getting what they want.

Are you looking forward to Black Desert getting an official western version? Let us know your thoughts below.