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WA Attorney General Orders Kickstarter Funded Company to Pay for Not Delivering the Product

Washington state Attorney General has ordered the creators of Asylum Playing Cards to pay up a total sum of $54,851 after the company failed to deliver the product it got funded on Kickstarter.

Nashville-based Altius Management, the creators of horror-themed playing cards, launched its Kickstarter Campaign back in 2012 and raised $25,146 from 810 backers. The backers, however, never received a glimpse of the promised merchandise and have not even heard anything from Altius since July 2013 – the product was promised to be delivered by the end of 2012.

As a result, Attorney General Bob Ferguson announced today that Ed Nash of Altius Management needs to pay up $668 in restitution for the 31 Washington state backers, $31,000 in civil penalties for violating the state Consumer Protection Act ($1,000 per violation), and $23,183 to cover the costs and fees for the AG’s office to bring the case.

Delivering the verdict, Ferguson stated that the state of Washington will never tolerate crowdfunding theft – the entire press release can be found here.

Washington state will not tolerate crowdfunding theft. If you accept money from consumers, and don’t follow through on your obligations, my office will hold you accountable.

Moreover, since the case is brought up by the Washington state Attorney General, the penalty must be calculated based on the number of backers residing in Washington – 31 out of 810 in this case.

Personally, I believe this is a good initiative on the part of Washington AG and will, hopefully, put an end to all the shady deals on Kickstarter.

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