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The Last Guardian Features Impressive Lighting and Wind Effects

The Last Guardian has been in development hell for years but has finally climbed out of the abyss. What improvements have been made it? Gendesign shared a bit more about this long awaited title.

The Last Guardian was announced as a PlayStation 3 exclusive, but will now be released on PlayStation 4 only. The new hardware will surely let developers do more with The Last Guardian.

A couple of images were shared by GenDesign which gave us a look at improved wind effects and lighting:

the last guardian


We take special care in how the light shines through the wings of Trico (picture below) We also tried to create a realistic sense of the wind, can you feel the gusts rushing through this image (picture above)?

The Last Guardian looks great and we weren’t expecting anything less after so many years in development. The title was shown during E3 2015, where we indulged in a breath-taking gameplay footage.

The Last Guardian will release in 2016 for PlayStation 4, and all thanks to fans who supported the project for all these years.

We can only hope that development will sail smoothly and we won’t be seeing any more delays. For all things The Last Guardian, stay-tuned.