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PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One: “We’re Both Doing Really Well,” Phil Spencer

Phil Spencer says PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are both doing really well and it’s the most exciting time for the gaming industry.

Speaking in an interview, Phil Spencer said:

I’ve said this a few times, but four years ago when I was sitting doing these interviews it was, ‘Do people need consoles any more?’ and ‘Isn’t this just dead? Everybody’s playing on their phone.

Spencer added:

And now you’re looking at the PS4 having sold over 20 million. And we’ve sold a ton of Xbox Ones globally, more than we’ve sold 360s [in the same period]

In the same interview, Spencer spoke about Microsoft’s hope of doing better in Europe. He also spoke about how well Sony is doing in the region, and said Sony earned the success it got in Europe.

Sony does a really good job in those markets, and they’ve earned the success that they get in those regions. I watch what they do because they do a lot of good things, and I want to make sure that we’re being smart about succeeding.

And there are places like Latin America where Xbox does really well, and in the US the numbers keep going back and forth – it’s good competition which I think is good for everybody

Rivalry aside, both companies are doing great worldwide which is great for the gaming industry, that is facing unprecedented competition from mobile platforms.

Another good indication is that although Nintendo failed with Wii U, it isn’t giving up on the console market. The company is planning a new console called NX, however, officials won’t share details about the platform at least till 2016.

Bottom line is that consoles aren’t going anywhere.