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Playstation 4 is Apparently Facing a Disc-Reading Problem After Firmware Update

Have you had problems with the Playstation 4 reading new discs? It looks like you may not be alone, and it is an issue yet to be fixed. This problem causes the user to have to do a 100% reboot of their machines, which can have quite a detrimental effect at times.

The problem was reported on NeoGaf today, but what is interesting is that Avallon, the person who posted it also provided more links to people having a similar issue. The fact that another user replied to confirm they’ve also experienced it shows that this a re-creatable and not just affecting one user.

The fact that this problem has been discussed on the Playstation forum just this month shows that it should be an issue that Sony are aware of, so why is it still a problem? If this is a hardware problem then it would be harder to fix or work-around, but if it is a software update it should be simpler to fix.

Interestingly enough on the last page of that conversation on the Playstation forum they mention it being a Firmware problem that appeared around “Firmware 2.50 or 2.51.” With the last post on the page also being five days ago it can be assumed that it is still an issue for those users too.

On a helpful post on gettabemobile they do offer help on how to fix the problem for users. Most importantly though they also state this:

“We’ll need to wait for a PS4 2.56 or higher PS4 Update for a full fix to this PS4 problem. Even though it is annoying, this PS4 problem will not break your console in the meantime.”

So yes a fix is coming and this issue it won’t break your console. We’ll just have to see when it finally gets fixed.

What are your thoughts on the disc-reading problem with the Playstation 4? Let us know your thoughts below.