Nintendo 3DS Emulator Citrus Impresses with New Video Update

Emulators have always been around, though the PC has not always been powerful enough to emulate consoles. This changed though when the PC became a more powerful machine with multicore processing and graphics cards offering huge boosts in power.

Citrus is a Nintendo 3DS emulator, and it appears to be having some success in getting games working. As the creator says on the Citrus website, any chance of us playing a game on it is still a long way off.

In a new progress video posted July 27, we’ve been given a hint as to how progress is coming. It’s interesting to see that while basics such as navigation and user interface have been adapted to a point, the main focus is on speed of gameplay and quality of the graphics.

In the video we see examples of the Vertex Shader JIT at work, which is a way to emulate the 3DS shaders. This gives the emulator a way to speed up the graphics while still managing to achieve the 3DS quality.

The description on the YouTube video lists many updates that have taken place to the Citrus emulator, and a lot seems to have been in GPU processing. This will be important when getting the emulator to run at full speed and at a playable level.

What is impressive is that we see progress has been made and we see just how the games are running. Speed is still one of the major issues the developer is working on.

We’ll have a long time to wait to actually play on the Citrus emulator, but on a technical level it is still interesting to see what the emulator is able to achieve.

What do you think of the emulator? Are you impressed with what you see so far? Let us know your thoughts below.