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Is a New Star Wars Battlefront Character Coming to Gamescom?

The gamescom 2015 rumours are out in force with a new one focused on Star Wars Battlefront. An Instagram post by the EA Star Wars account shows the three known Heroes and Villains already revealed, as well as a space for another.


Asking who will be revealed next, this has started a lot of conversation in the comments. From Darth Maul to Yoda, Qui-Gon Jinn to Han Solo these are interesting names, especially when they come from so many points in the Star Wars timeline.

The real question is when will this reveal be made?

Obviously, with EA teasing reveals like this on the run up to Gamescom 2015 the obvious answer to this is that we’ll find out next week when the game is featured at the event. This is pure speculation though, and would be big news if it happened.

With the event building and plenty of teases being posted on social media there will no doubt be some revelations around Star Wars Battlefront at the event. This new character would obviously be a welcome one.

My personal choice would be Han Solo, though he is an easy option, but wouldn’t offer something special like a character such as Yoda would. With the time period that Star Wars Battlefront focuses on, I doubt we’d get a new Jedi to be a part of the game, but who knows? Let’s also not forget the Sith.

What are your thoughts on this new character? Will they be revealed at Gamescom 2015? Let us know your thoughts below.