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Halo 5 Will Have The Toughest Enemies, Smarter AI and Large Environments

Prepare yourself for the most intense battles yet, as Halo 5 is going to feature the most badass, toughest enemies and smarter AI.

In a post on Halo Waypoint, developers explained that not only the game will feature smarter AI and tough enemies, it will also have large environments. The environment is designed to accommodate fireteams rather than a lone soldier.

Developers say that the scale of Halo 5’s campaign is “far beyond any previous Halo game.”

With co-operative play as a focus, it has meant creating larger spaces with multiple vertical levels and intersecting pathways. Teammates are encouraged to spread out and explore, seeking advantageous positions from which to support one another.

Developers saw fit to increase the enemy count in each area, so that the situation will challenge four Spartans, rather than one. Because players will have the option of splitting up, dozens of enemies are placed throughout the maps, “all systemically-driven and reacting in real-time to the world around them. This is where the sandbox nature of Halo really shines.”

Since the enemy is dealing with four Spartans, it has to be smarter and tougher. Enemies have been tuned and balanced in a way that players will find combat much more challenging compared to previous games.

They have required us to revisit the tuning on every enemy, vehicle and weapon in the game, testing across all difficulties and player counts. Enemies are faster, more responsive and generally more lethal. Many have been given new behaviors to make them more effective in dealing with a team of Spartans.

Halo 5 releases exclusively on Xbox One this October.