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Gears of War 4 JD and Kait Concept Art Promises Much

With many games that appeared at E3 we were shown many teasers, but other than seeing the pretty demonstrations and impressed by the graphics we get little information about things such as plot and who the characters are. One example of this was Gears of War 4.

What we do know though is that the game looks visually impressive and from some of the concept art we get to see two of the characters, JD and Kait.


As is typical of a game that is still in development we don’t know much about the characters, but the design does give hints to the weaponry and the armour that the characters will be wearing. While not as bulky as in previous games they still feature big guns and a badass look.


What we also know of course is these are the two characters in the E3 demonstration. Impressively they do have the look that is featured in the concept art. Often while this artwork can be detailed, this is something that has to be sacrificed when it comes to replicating them in the gaming world.

The way JD and Kait interact with each other is important, and if the final game does live up to what we saw at E3 it will be an impressive game. The only problem with the demonstration of course was just how dark it was. Maybe when we get to see footage in lighter environments there will be plenty to discuss in the future.

With the game not coming out till “Holiday 2016” we have a long wait to get our hands on the game, and we may not learn anything new till next year. Fans of the Gear of War franchise will obviously be looking forward to this one.

Are you looking forward to Gears of War 4? Let us know your thoughts below.