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Bungie Already Working On a New Destiny Expansion, Ten Year Plan Is In Motion

Since the release of Destiny, Bungie has pumped-out regular add-on content that gave the world of Destiny more depth. This September Destiny will receive The Taken King expansion pack, that will feature the biggest armory to date.

However, if you thought for a second that Bungie will close the DLC flood gates after The Taken King, you’re wrong! The developer has already tasked a team to plan the next Destiny expansion.

Speaking in an interview, Engineering Lead Luke Timmins said:

Right now, if you were to break a window and sneak into Bungie, you would see the Live team – the vast majority of the team is working on The Taken King – and then you would see another, smaller group that is already starting to think about the next adventure

Bungie has said many times that Destiny is here to stay, at least for ten years. The game will keep evolving throughout the console cycle but the question is, will it be able to keep fans interested for ten years?

Bungie seem to think so.

Destiny is a decent shooter but not without its expansion packs, so those who aren’t ready to pay extra, won’t have much to play with.

Are you willing to spend extra money on regular expansions? And do you think Destiny can survive ten years?