Street Fighter 5 Beta Footage Details Combo System, Character Tweaks, and Other Changes

Over an hour long gameplay footages of Street Fighter 5 PS4 beta have surfaced online, detailing all major and minor changes, characters tweaks, combos, and more.

The beta went live recently, albeit plagued with issues such as lag and connectivity errors. In the wake of these issues, Capcom confirmed that it will extend the beta so as to let fans have more time with the game:

Those who are not enrolled in the beta program, the videos cover almost everything that you need to know about the changes made to the game. As for those who are already playing the beta, we recently dug out all characters’ move list which will help you familiarize with all new moves. To read up more, head over to the post!

Make sure to check out the YouTube Playlist attached above and share your impressions with us.

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Street Fighter 5 is expected to launch sometime during early 2016 as a PS4 console exclusive and PC.

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