The Reason for the Split Between Hideo Kojima and Konami Revealed?

While we may all be waiting to get out hands on Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, the drama around Hideo Kojima’s parting of ways with Konami continues to overshadow what could be one of his greatest creations. Could the real reason behind it be slowly leaking out?

The latest round of this soap opera comes from The Codec podcast around the 1:45:00 mark, until around 2:03:00. The Co-host, Daley claims that in an interview Rika Muranaka who formally worked as composer for Metal Gear Solid 1-3 knows the real reason for the split.

In a case of he said, she said…the problem seems to stem from the fact that Kojima is paid a set salary for his work, not one based on profit share. This would not be a problem if the game were not in the hands of a man like Kojima whose obsession with making the game as good as it could possibly be creates delays and constant budget concerns.

With the constant delays and a rising budget, while Konami have to take the burden of this, Kojima is paid whatever happens and does not have to worry about the success of the project at the end. To the fans looking forward to the game this is all good news. On a business front, this creates tension, which is exactly what Daley claims is the reason Muranaka has given for the split.

This should all be taken as merely rumour of course, but it is a situation that could be believable. Metal Gear Solid V may be one of the biggest games of the year to some, but to others it will not interest them in the slightest. If Konami do not make a profit then this is obviously going to cause problems between them and Kojima.

What are your views on this? Will we ever really know the real reason for the problems between Kojima and Konami? Let us know your thoughts below.