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FIFA World Champion Bruce Grannec Suffers Swatting Based on a Homicide Report

Bruce ‘Spank’ Grannec, four times world champion of FIFA and PES, is the latest victim of an act of swatting.

Last night, Grannec saw the National Police into his home when someone had alerted about the murder of his wife. Obviously, the allegation was false, and the call was made only to harass the streamer.

Grannec says he will file a complaint and do everything to see the sadist sentenced for what he did.

Last night at the end of my live Twitch, an intervention unit of the National Police landed home to question me after a “homicide my wife” . After the shock and the filing of complaint, I mean big Malignant who did that I would be there the day he will be sentenced to prison.

Note that swatting is considered a false alarm offense, which is heavily sentenced in France to 2 years in prison and a fine of € 30,000.

After the staggering of Bibix swatting a few months ago, this is the second time someone has fallen victim to this despicable practice that seems to be spreading in France. Earlier, it was the young Twitch celebrity Domingo, who became upset to see the GIGN landing live after someone reported a homicide at his property.

We hope authorities will catch the offenders and take possible legal actions against them to bring an end to these kind of scams.