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ARMA Tactics Coming to Xbox One? PEGI Rating Appears Online

If a recent PEGI rating can be believed, the 2013 turn-based strategy game ARMA Tactics AKA ARMA Tactics THD might be headed to Xbox One in future.

Although the said rating does not divulge any special details about the game, we do know that it is a strategy game suitable for 16 years old or above.

ARMA Tactics is already available on PC, iOS, and Android-based devices. The game features 4 operators, each with different abilities, in addition to a regular campaign and user-made custom missions. Players can rack up experience points and acquire a range of equipment and upgrades.

Another thing to note here is that ARMA Tactics is only rated for Xbox One. Whether the game will launch on Playstation 4 and whether it is the same ARMA Tactics – available on PC – remains to be seen.

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As for ARMA Tactics, we will make sure to share more information in case we come across any.

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Source: PEGI Info.