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Fallout 4 Repair System is Not Going Away but Getting Better, Hopefully

If you had a chance to look at the past demo of Fallout 4 you might also be worried what Bethesda was going to do about the good old repairs system of the game. However, I think there is nothing to worry about.

Lets dig into some background first – just in case you don’t know what the issue is. So when the developers showed off the E3 2015 demo and everyone checked out how amazing the PipBoy is going to feel as you inventory your weapons; people found that the CND meter was missing.

The CND meter is what told players about the health of each one of their weapons in the inventory so this caused a discussion whether the repairs system was going away – which would have been a very sad news!

However, you check out the power armor of your character and you will find a health detail on it suggesting that the repairs system of Fallout 4 cannot be completely forgotten. But what is going on then?

The same question was asked from Pete Hines the vice president of marketing and public relations at Bethesda Softworks but instead of commenting on what they have done he insisted that they were not talking about it yet.

After getting probed a second time he added that “Todd [Howard] said we’re not going to go into details about it yet.”

Now we have seen the power armor’s health value and we have also seen how intricately they have been trying to do everything in the game, add to that the incessant lack of comments on the matter and I think they have something interesting to show about the Fallout 4 repairs system.

Maybe another time.