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Fallout 4 Can Get Pretty Gory; Weapons Also Discussed at QuakeCon

Bethesda was thoroughly prepared for QuakeCon this time with a ton of details on Fallout 4. We told you all about the progression system and the companions moments ago so now lets talk about weapons and how gory the game can get.

Among other things that are going to get juiced up in the game, the element of gore is one. If you take a look at the demo they showed off you will have no doubt that the developers were a little more open to letting heads explode in the game.

One of the perks in the game’s progression system, Bloody Mess was used and the after effects were about a dozen enemies losing their heads – literally.

There was a lot more blood and a lot more violence as compared to the E3 2015 demo which shows us another side of the game even if it doesn’t change the general tone of Fallout 4 altogether.

That being said, returning fans are going to see some old friends and some new ones when it comes to weapons. For the former, you would remember the nuke launcher “Fat-Man” while there were numerous other laser shotguns and sniper rifles in action during the new demo.

Creativity also gets juiced up with the makeshift weapons for instance there was this scope on top of a gun made out of a pipe that was cut at both ends and put in place to focus with screws drilled on the sides.

You will also come across the good old Fallout Brotherhood armor and if you look up to the sky in a danger zone chances are you will meet the eye of an airship. Oh and there is the laser musket with a classy reload using a lever on the side that needs to be cranked.

Check back for more on Fallout 4 later.