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Street Fighter V Beta Kicks-Off With Lag and Connectivity Issues, Capcom Will Extend The Beta

Street Fighter V beta went live recently but unfortunately suffers from severe lag and connectivity issues. However, there is some news for SFV players.

Capcom is looking into theses issues and according to a Tweet from Capcom’s official account, Capcom is going to extent the beta for Street Fighter V.

Apart from lag and connectivity, another problem is that players can’t invite friends into matches. Interestingly, this isn’t an issue with the game, Capcom just didn’t added this feature to the beta.

This means that all matches are going to be random, according to Capcom Unity. Also, the Share Button functionality is disabled.

For this BETA, you cannot invite friends into matches, all matches are chosen at random. Additionally, share functionality is currently disabled in the BETA.

As players wait in the grid, we will match players up with opponents. Please note that there’s a possibility of being matched with opponents ANYWHERE in the world during this BETA. This is NOT how the final product will function, as we are still working on our location tracking / match making algorithm.

While inviting friends and Share Button features are going to be back for the final product, we can only hope lag and connectivity issues won’t come along as well.

Street Fighter V will release in 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PC.