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Reasons Why League of Legends Japanese Server is not Cancelled

Alright so there has been a lot of discussion around the alleged cancellation of League of Legends Japanese servers, but if you go a little deep you’d probably agree that it cannot be.

For instance, trademarks are an important evidence to gauge how seriously something is being taken and the trademark that Riot Games filed (on 8/6/14) with the Japanese authorities was accepted by them on May 22, 2015 and is still actively held meaning nothing has changed in the minds of Riot Games.

Next up, the official website of League of Legends revealed through data mining that numerous champions and items were cataloged alongside their official Japanese translations. That is still the same.

More importantly, Riot Games has been hiring for their Tokyo offices which is something that certainly shouldn’t have been happening if they didn’t plan on launching the Japanese servers now.

There is former DetonatioN FM pro-gamer Riosilvia who was hired some time ago for Riot Tokyo and interestingly he still appears at events and so on showing that he is still active with the studio. Personally I don’t see any other reason for them to continue hiring for the Tokyo studio on their official website if they had had a change of plans.

Next up, we have seen numerous professional teams and players investing heavily in the Japanese LoL scene; what makes this important is that these guys are known to be in contact with Riot Games – suggesting they would be informed about the cancellation if the rumors were true.

I am positive that we are going to get some news at the approaching Tokyo Game Show 2015 because it could be that Riot will come together with Logitech like last year.