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Guillermo del Toro and Hideo Kojima Still Working on a Game Together?

Silent Hills is dead, we have to accept this and move on. Some news from Guillermo del Toro may make this easier to handle though.

In an interview with IGN del Toro said:

“I love working with Kojima-san. We are still in touch. We are still friends and working into doing something together, but that’s not going to be [Silent Hills].”

Even accepting that Silent Hills is no more, this is exciting news. With Hideo Kojima and del Toro proving what they can bring to horror with P.T. we could still get that game we were all hoping for.

On Silent Hills, del Toro had to say:

“We were in the planning stages, and it’s a shame it’s not going to happen, we were talking about really pushing the boundaries of the new consoles, and making the game really mess with your head. One of the great moments in Metal Gear [Solid] was Psycho Mantis. The idea that a game can actually interact with you, and stuff like that.”

As a fan of Guillermo del Toro, this excites me a lot. The fact that he and Kojima could still work together in some form to bring a game at the level of what they promised with Silent Hills is very exciting. I don’t want to get my own hopes up but I can’t help but be see this as a good sign.

Could they also bring Norman Reedus back on board? Even without it being a Silent Hills game, I’m sure many of his fans would love him to reconnect with this potential project.

Where the funding for this game will come from though is so far a mystery.

What are your thoughts on the potential of Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro still working together? Let us know below.