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FIFA 16 Bringing Big Changes for the German Virtual Bundesliga

The rise of ESports gaming has made playing games like FIFA big business, making what once was a hobby into something more professional. This is where gaming gets serious.

Today German game site PlayFront have revealed that the Virtual Bundesliga will be coming to Fifa 16, and will be hitting a “new level” in its fourth season. What makes the Virtual Bundesliga interesting is how close the real German football league actually work with Fifa to make it competitive, but still welcoming to fans.

With FIFA 15, a German football team, Vfl Wolfsburg actually had their own Esports team which was a part of the Virtual Bundesliga. The team included Benedict ‘Salz0r’ Salzer and Daniel ‘Dani’ Fink. It’ll be interesting to see if this team continues on into the new season, and if more will be formed.

There is still a focus on this being about the fans though. I’m sure they enjoy the chance to try their skills against the “professionals.” They may even teach them a thing or two in the process.

The Virtual Bundesliga will begin October 1, 2015 and include 18 clubs that will all be competing to be the Master of Virtual Bundesliga. There is more information about the league here, though be aware that the site is in German and mainly about FIFA 15. There are plenty of stats on the site, which are always easy to translate for Fifa fans.

The build up to the FIFA 16 release is always interesting; especially with all the updates we get on how the game has been improved and what new things are coming to the game. The biggest change this year of course is the inclusion of the National Women’s teams.

Do you like the idea of the Virtual Bundesliga? What about Esports in general? Let us know your thoughts below.