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Fallout Shelter for Android Release Date Revealed with New Game Updates News

Android users have been waiting patiently for news of when Fallout Shelter is coming to their devices. It looks like we’ve finally have a date.

Earlier today at Quakecon, Todd Howard revealed that the game will be available on Android devices August 13. While this feels like quite a wait, it is only a few weeks away until the Vaults will be opened to people other than iOS users, it also looks like everybody will be getting an updated version of the game.

One update is in the form of Mr. Handy as a new premium reward. As fans of Fallout will know, Mr. Handy is the helpful robot that is always “at hand” to help its owners. In the game he will be able to collect resources inside your vault, be sent out to the Wasteland to collect more loot, and he can work as defence for your dwellers.

This helping hand will be useful as the August update also brings all new Deathclaw invasions, and Molerat infestations.

While all of this will be welcome news to Android users it will also be a timely update for iOS players who may be losing interest in the game. Whether these new infestations and invasions will be enough to keep the game interesting is questionable, especially in the world of casual gaming which is ever evolving.

With Mr. Handy being a premium reward, it may also entice gamers to purchase some lunchboxes to see if they can get him as soon as possible. This will also mean more money for Bethesda of course.

What are your thoughts on the Fallout Shelter updates? Are you looking forward to Mr. Handy? Let us know your thoughts below.