Devil’s Third Game System, World, Solo and Multi Play Discussed by Itagaki

Some of us might say that the gameplay footage of Devil’s Third shown off lately was underwhelming, but Tomonobu Itagaki has a lot more to share about the game’s world, solo play as well as multiplayer elements.

In a recently released developer interview, the game creator sits to delve deeper into the gameplay mechanics that are going to be at play when the title releases on August 28.

Listen to him reveal features and boast of a game that comes full with all shooter elements combined together with melee combat that follow what you would expect from Devil’s Third.

This is a world where all computers and electronic machinery have been destroyed by an EMP alongside all the satellites giving way to more types of combat – primarily melee and like combat used to be in the 1940s.

Check out the full video to see how Solo play and Multiplayer work in Devil’s Third alongside other features.