DayZ Fans Unearth Soft Skills and Experience System Code

Okay so we know when the DayZ developers hop on stage at RTX 2015 they will be discussing the new skills and experience system of the game, but fans have already found a code for the same in the game’s UI.

Brian Hicks, the game producer is going to hold a discussion on Skills & Engine, Bases, Mod-Support and more at RTX 2015. It seems the basic features relating to the expected soft skills and experience system of the game are there in the game’s code.

The code was found in the client files so it should be accessible by anyone; however, we are embedding a screenshot of the concerned lines below.

For now they have only found one that is linked with skinning animals but obviously there is going to be much more than just this.

Soft skills generally mean things that you cannot directly influence, like the speed at which you run, or the speed at which you repair things or your endurance.

So technically, this should mean the more you do a given task the better you get at it.

DayZ code

We reported to you last month that DayZ was losing popularity as quickly as it got famous – for instance in the three months prior to our report the game had lost 80 percent of its player base.

With that in mind, do you think that such tweaks to the gameplay of DayZ are going to be enough to keep the fans intact? Don’t you think the developers need to be making more efforts to retain the players?