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Bungie Clarify Early Access Details for Suros Arsenal in Destiny After Leak

In an amusing piece of news from Bungie, it appears an announcement the company were wanting to keep secret for a little longer has been revealed. This relates to early access to the Suros Arsenal Pack:

“Early access to Suros Arsenal Pack is available starting 09.15.15. Suros Arsenal Pack can be attained by pre-order of digital and physical editions of Destiny: The Taken King or by the purchase of the digital or physical Collector’s Edition. Suros Arsenal Pack can also be attained through gameplay starting on 01.01.16. Suros Arsenal Pack is not exclusive to any retailer or platform. Subject to availability.”

With the details leaked onto Reddit, instead of appearing annoyed by the leak the company decided to clarify a few details instead:

  • The offer will be available to all players who outside United States.
  • The $40 and $60 pre-order editions will be included (not just the Collector’s Edition)
  • If you’ve already pre-ordered the qualifying edition you’ll be included in the early access.

Bungie goes on to state that they will be monitoring online conversations about this news to see what feedback it gets. If any new questions are raised, they will provide further details when appropriate.

It’s interesting that they also say that the details are subject to change. This is probably one of the reasons that they hadn’t released this news yet. Finalising the details about the early access is of course important before releasing the news.

Are you looking forward to getting early access to the Suros Arsenal Pack? Let us know your thoughts below.