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Bugs Force CDPR to Work on The Witcher 3 Patch 1.08 Already

Okay so this is interesting, it has only been a few days since CD Projekt Red released patch 1.07 for the latest entry in the Witcher series, but it turns out The Witcher 3 patch 1.08 is already in the works.

The general idea behind releasing new updates for released games is to make sure all (or most) of the bugs are quashed out of the game. That is what the developers have been doing ever since the game released.

However, there is usually a break between two major updates for a certain game which in the case of The Witcher 3 patch 1.08 is not true.

We saw that the latest update to the game caused multiple new issues in the game which need to be fixed as soon as possible. So Marcin Momot, the community manager for CD Projekt Red was asked whether they would release a hotfix to get rid of the new glitches and bugs.

In his reply, Momot confirmed that they were already hard at work on the next update, instead of small hotfixes.

We are already working on the next patch. More info about that will be revealed in the near future.

However, he did clarify the probable reason behind a certain type of bugs and glitches that came out of patch 1.07 for the game’s PC version:

If you are playing on PC with console cheats & mods enabled, this may be the reason of some bugs & glitches you are experiencing in 1.07.

So far we are not sure when The Witcher 3 patch 1.08 will be released but stay tuned for updates.