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XCOM 2 Reveals Some Details About the New Muton

After XCOM 2 was announced fans have been waiting to get some updates on what will be in the game. Today Fireaxis posted a blog featuring images of Muton and providing some details on changes the alien has undergone in the game.

It appears that a running theme in XCOM 2 will be the aliens using Human DNA to adapt and improve their warriors. With a new improved Sectoid already been revealed, the Muton is now on show and appears to have had some human gene upgrades of its own.

The effect of the genes on the Muton is that it now pairs brute force attack with a new added intellect, making it a more deadly opponent. This means that the player will have to adapt to the new forms of attacks it will bring.

When attacking at range, the Muton will use Suppression against targets to reduce their aim. This will provide the alien with a free reaction shot that also restricts their ability to move. The Muton also still has the Alien Grenade to be able to attack grouped soldiers, meaning the player has to always be aware of the spacing of their squad.

In close combat the Muton will use brute force. Equipped with bayonets they enjoy moving in on opponents to attack, with added ability to Counterattack too. With the chance to ignore melee attacks and hit back with melee of their own. These aliens are obviously ones to try and take care of from a distance.

XCOM 2 comes to the PC in November.

Are you looking forward to XCOM 2? What do you think of the new Muton? Let us know your thoughts below.